I’m Lynsey, I live in Benfleet Essex with my husband Paul and four children Oscar (13), Max (10), Sam (7) and Erin (4).

When I fell pregnant with my first baby I was delighted but the very natural worry of pregnancy and birth elicited the very normal (for me) response of treating it like a project. I needed to know everything and be prepared for any eventuality. I needed to be in control which for me meant knowing as much as possible. I studied hard! However, as prepared as I felt, my blind spots became evident in hindsight and even though my home birth transfer to hospital was still a “good birth” and I entered motherhood exhausted but elated, the knowledge I gained afterwards made me realise it could have been different. However, I thrived along with my baby and embraced motherhood fully. I became a breastfeeding peer supporter, all the while continuing my studies to become a counsellor. The knowledge I gained led to my wonderful straight forward home birth of my second baby. This experience awakened me to another level. Undisturbed birth was EMPOWERING and an enjoyable experience for me.

Then things changed again for my 3rd birth. At 42+3 gestation I birthed in hospital following a coerced induction. It was a straight forward birth but not the empowered positive experience I expected. This birth was the catalyst for me becoming a doula.

It was the natural progression of my skill set. I trained with the esteemed Dr Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers at Paramana Doula in early 2013 and have supported around 10 women per year to birth their babies with positivity and empowerment ever since.

I went on to birth my 4th baby at home with my husband, sons and my doula present. I was 41 years old and she was over 10lbs. It was the most beautiful, calm and joyful birth and something I will treasure and I wish all births could be this way.

Along with supporting births I take on very limited post-natal support work. Usually I work with mothers recovering from difficult births or other psychological issues and of course I can support your breastfeeding journey with my now 13 years of experience of being a breastfeeding mother, 12 of them spent supporting other mothers in my community as a peer supporter.

 I can also work 1-2-1 in a confidential setting with you. As a person-centred counsellor I work exclusively with women offering therapeutic support for a wide-range of issues.

I am here to educate, inform, support and encourage you. My only motive is for you to find your power and exercise your right to a woman-centred, empowered birth. To help you mother your baby with confidence and live your life with authenticity and harmony. It’s your baby,  your body,  your life. I believe in you.


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